High Purity Polymer Products

Fluorotek takes pride in our line of High Purity Polymer Products for use in the Food, Biotech, and?Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our product line includes:

  • High Purity Gaskets
  • Hygenic Clamps
  • Screen and Sock Gasket Assemblies
  • Sanitary Orifice Plates
  • Stainless steel filled PTFE Gaskets
  • PTFE Bonded to Rubber Products
  • Products available in Poly Detectable materials. This helps to identify costly and risky contaminants by?detecting fragments in your plant.

We have a complete line of sanitary seals, and we use our knowledge to produce custom components that?solve processing issues on a daily basis. Our products use our Pedigree of materials, assuring the finest?performance in the Food, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.